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Aries is quick to anger, often getting upset over the most trivial things. Even when you're not expecting it, they will suddenly explode! They can also be combative. So watch out for this ram 'cus you just might get the horns! You could have guessed this one.

Aries the Challenger

An Aries likes everything to be quick. They love fast cars, fast women, and fast food.

They have a penchant for racing and engaging in sports that involve an element of risk, like skydiving. For many, an Aries in love is just a little too hot to handle.

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If you happen to the lucky one that is the love interest for an Aries, prepare to be pounced on. You will be hunted down like a deer at the end of a scope. They love to be the pursuer in any relationship, and they will come on to you very directly. So direct its scary. They expect no less than absolute commitment and fidelity from you, but not necessarily for themselves.

And just as fast as an Aries can get into a relationship or your pants , they can leave it even quicker.

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Being an Aries, is all about being 1 all the time. They hate to be stuck behind people, and they will do just about anything to be in a position of leadership. Do you have a project needing a kick-start?

Call an Aries, by all means. Aries is a bundle of energy and dynamism, kind of like a Pied Piper, leading people along with its charm and charisma. The dawning of a new day — and all of its possibilities — is pure bliss to an Aries. Did you know that Aries sign dates can change year to year?

Aries Symbol

Along with those traits comes the sheer force of the Aries nature, a force that can actually accomplish a great deal. Cardinal Signs love to get things going, and, of all astrology signs, Aries exemplifies this even better than Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

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Aries is ruled by Mars. Taking a peek at Roman mythology, we find that Mars was the God of War.

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Our man Mars was unafraid to do battle, and much the same can be said for Aries. These star signs are bold, aggressive and courageous. The element associated with Aries is Fire. Think traits like action, enthusiasm and a burning desire to play the game.

Nature of Aries

Talk about eager beavers! An Aries personality does not lack energy or vitality, and they can stay in the game longer than most anyone else. Rams are also, for the most part, independent and well aware of their own interests in a given situation. This sometimes myopic view may not be for everyone, but it does help Aries get things going.