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Sri Varun Travels says:. May 7, at am. Chitte chitte says:. May 13, at am. June 9, at am. January 6, at am. Confluence 2k15 says:. January 28, at pm. Vasthupula Sai says:. February 5, at am. February 14, at am. February 16, at pm. Prabhavathi Ballagolla says:. February 20, at pm. Naamani Swathi says:. February 27, at am.

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March 14, at pm. March 18, at am. Sobhan Babu says:. March 24, at am. March 24, at pm. May 1, at am. Kishan Dava says:. June 10, at am. July 11, at am. July 19, at pm. Nani Pulicherla says:. July 24, at am. Ravali Ponnala says:. July 26, at am. July 29, at am. Greetings, and welcome back to journeys! This month, we look at the return of the planet Uranus to the sign Taurus which begins this year. The only people who are alive today who will have Uranus in Taurus except those about to be born will be in their early to mid 80s, so the information about how Uranus in this sign behaves in society and how it affects Uranus tribes of other zodiac signs will probably be more relevant to readers, unless they know someone elderly.

Information about how Uranus in Taurus behaves in society and history is, however, of great import to literally everyone alive on the face of this planet at this time. These themes and more have been the talk of the worlds people and media for several years now. This era is about to end, the zeitgeist is fading with Uranus leaving Aries for Taurus this spring, returning to Aries for a brief farewell and review of business later this year and early next, before finally entering Taurus for good next spring.

This year of , then, is the preview year of Uranus in Taurus and the wrap-up year of Uranus in Aries, but it is in which the Taurus show really starts to get on the road. This years preview, however, is looking set to be very dramatic indeed. In a previous article I presented a discussion on the general nature of Uranus cycles, which I will reproduce here for ease of reference and because it is an important part of the context of this article.

They are currently cycles connected with the integration of technology and human awareness since they resonate with the pace of innovation within the prevailing paradigm which is scientific in our case , and given that the macro cycle is positioned towards the upper limit of our life span it also has resonance with the potential totality of conscious awareness that is present in human beings.

In other words, it expresses the point at which the elastic nature of human awareness reaches its natural limits and begins to snap unless it radically adapts.

It is difficult to remember everything anything? By the time we are in our 80s the world has changed so radically from when we came in that it is almost unrecognisable, and we are struggling to keep up. Think on that — think of the struggle someone in their 80s has coming to terms with the fact that when they were born almost nobody had TV except the very rich, then they look up and contrast with today.

Now, people have their own channels — and we just took one example. Its a total mindbomb nobody back then could have seen coming, and thats what awaits us all at the end of this cycle. Think on where you came into the world, now picture that accelerated far beyond your imagination. This is the spirit of the macro cycle. It is also part of the Great Work that is woven into reality by the Greaters.

Taurus Horoscope 12222

This fact — that nobody can project crazily enough into the future to foresee the end of this macro cycle once it begins — is one of the greatest dangers facing us in our use of technology and scientific innovation. Our embrace of technology as an avatar of change and a bringer of solutions to our dilemmas is loaded with unforeseen consequences that we will only see play out fully if we reach a ripe old age, and this is what we need to realise — that only these people have this wisdom, and thus their alienation is part of our doom because we do not learn what they have learned, and just repeat the same mistakes on an elevated scale.

Thus, the Uranus macro cycle is very much about how we treat our elders — will they be able to transmit what they have learned from their turn with for example Uranus in Scorpio to the newly born children of Uranus in Scorpio, or will that voice be lost because they are no longer seen as having a functional role in society?

This connection to the elderly is because the Uranus macro cycle is in a resonance with the Saturn cycle — one orbit of Uranus around the Sun is equal to 3 orbits of Saturn. The third Saturn return and the Uranus return combine to bring to us an awareness of life coming to an end but also of having come back to the beginning. Therefore, the macro cycles of Saturn and Uranus intertwine about human awareness as it interacts with time and form the core or basis of collective or generational astrology. We might as I propose have to add Chiron to that heart of the matter, only time will tell.

The Uranus micro cycle is one quarter of the Saturn macro cycle, placing Uranus in resonance with Saturn on both scales. As mentioned previously, the 7 year scale of the micro cycle is resonant with generations we encounter in our schooling when we are young, and exactly when in the 7 year period we are born has a lot to do with the quality of social environment we encounter in school years. If we are born in the middle of the period, with Uranus in the middle of the sign, everyone we go to school with will be of the same collective mind and will easily form bonds which can have an effect on sports teams, for example.

However, this is a healthier environment in terms of variety and the kind of creativity that arises from chaos rather than co-operation. Its a matter of perspective, but also of recognising the different generations and finding ways to cater to both at the same time — then the magic is often remarkable and outstrips that of those with a more vanilla flavoured upbringing.

Something new is introduced which has rapid and irreversible consequences for society, and what that is will be resonant with the sign that Uranus is in. It leads to a new kind of meaning to things entering play. I have a theory that gatherings of the tribe bring about a rapid acceleration of change — that if you want to make a big, quick change, you get everyone with Uranus in a certain sign to be your ally.

Rallies and demonstrations that are organised with a mind to emphasising the breakthrough potential of this planet may have a greater chance of forcing change, but that change may well be out of their control. This is why I have not spent much time writing about it. I feel we should work with Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron first.

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These also represent easier cycles to wield in intentional directions. To begin with, as usual, I will give you the timeline of Uranus in Taurus for the last millennium and the next hundred years, coupled with a detailed and lengthy but incomplete report of its historical impacts. After that I will discuss the themes I see , or some of them, and then we will get into some of the astrological details.


On the off chance that anyone has actually been reading every single word of these since I have begun sharing them, you may have noticed that many events had been mentioned before in other articles. From this, you can see that any single event in history or any single thing is actually a complex formed from different astrological influences, from different sources.

For example, in the list below you will learn that Uranus in Taurus gives us the atomic and nuclear age of power. However, that development also shows up in my article on Pluto in Leo. Therefore, the emergence or birth of the nuclear and atomic age has characteristics of both of these influences.

Additionally there are nuances, with the first atomic bomb attack happening under Uranus in Gemini, not Uranus in Taurus although Pluto was still in Leo. Uranus in Taurus addresses the arrival of a new resource, horrific weaponisation of that power developed alongside but was only deployed later.

These nuances can be critical when you are doing astrological research. Uranus in Taurus, — AD. Notable events in history from these times that display a Uranus in Taurus motif:. By the time this era closes, the world is always in a very, very different place than it was just seven years beforehand. Things that we have long taken for granted as the way things usually go turn out to no longer operate that way, and something fundamental about our life on Earth changes.

These changes introduce themselves dramatically in this period but take decades or even centuries afterward to make their full consequences known , as befits the plodding but thorough nature of Taurus. One of the key things they confront us with is the question of value, specifically the value of life, especially human life but also animal and plant life.

Complex and polarized social debates will dance around this key question with few ever really naming it — this question is what unites the arrival of the atomic bomb and nuclear power, extreme disasters arising from drought and famine and poor care of the lands resources, revolutions which arise from extreme poverty or lack and concerns about income and wages, living conditions, health care and the memory of the Holocaust. Human life — in fact all life — is not a commodity, and yet we have seemingly made it one.

This is the heart of the conundrum. To be born into such a period must be a strange thing just a little later when we realise that there was a world before the one we knew.