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Personality: If you met a person born on the sixteenth day of June, then you met a very good individual in the use of money and financial investments. In fact, those born on June 16th, generally have excellent skills to capitalize very well his money but also that of other people, friends, family, relatives. This skill, however, does not refer only to the financial sector but is also used in other areas of life. Everything that can be collected and stored to benefit in the future attracts the attention of those born on June 16 of any year. Unfortunately, however, this type of investment can be risky especially because these individuals often do not think a lot when they have to act and therefore maybe they do not always manage to reach very important social and professional positions.

Where does this strong intuition in investment come from? Certainly from the energies that emanate the planet Neptune which is the dominant planet in this case for all men and women born on the sixteenth day of June. Unfortunately Neptune gives a good intuition but it can also make the mind of these people particularly confused and easy to illusions.

So Neptune offers great advantages but also disadvantages that can ruin the existence of individuals who can even fall into the mirages of easy success, rapid gain and some vices.

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In fact the strong influence of Neptune if badly channeled, can lead these individuals to live with some vices for so many years, viozo of gambling, vice of the smoke, vice of the alcohol and vice of narcotic substances. Fortunately Mercury, the planet governor, is great to think, to have a clear idea before acting but whoever is born in this day can often have a mental confusion dangerous for himself but also for people who are close to him as the partner sentimental. In fact, loving these people means trying to enter their minds to understand a world that is difficult to understand.

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Merits : communicative, strong sense of friendship, available, optimistic, sense of duty accentuated, dynamic. Defects : not very passionate, superficial, neglected, disordered, cares little for one's own body, naive, easy to lie.

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